How to play?

To play, you must have one of the available versions of the game HappyToDive-Game
-Printable version of the game for free download.
-Version of the game in the form of a single Qr-code printed on a t-shirt or sweatshirt or hoodie or cap or sticker.
-A smartphone with an application that reads Qr-Codes.
There are several free downloadable applications on the platforms.
In the App Store: LQH Apps QR Scanner
On the Play Store: TWMobile QR Code Reader
For Firefox browser users, it is possible to integrate a free QR code reader into the browser by downloading: Barcode Scanner from Zxing Team.

-An Internet connection, preferably a Wi-Fi connection.
One die and one pawn per player for the printable versions.
The object of the game is to answer as many questions as possible correctly.

In versions containing several Qr-Codes, each Qr-Code accesses its own page. Each page displays a question chosen at random from its own list of several questions.
The instructions to follow are displayed below the question. An instruction to follow if the player answered correctly
to the question and to an instruction if the player gave an incorrect answer or was unable to answer.
Under the instructions there is always a link allowing direct access to the correct answer.

In versions containing a single Qr-Code, the Qr-Code accesses a list made up of several dozen questions.
There is a link giving direct access to the correct answer.

Have Fun!